Some of us just aren’t too good at choosing passwords for ourselves. In fact according to statistics, it has been reported that some popular choices for passwords includes “abc123”, birth dates, names, etc. However the downside to choosing a highly complex password is that sometimes we can forget what we come up with which can be really annoying. The good news is that according to the Safari 5.2 developer build (and the screenshot pictured above), it looks like Apple could be introducing secure password suggestions to the browser when OS X Mountain Lion is released.

If you’re wondering why that sounds familiar, the purported feature is similar to that of 1Password which not only helps generate strong and unique passwords, but will also help store those passwords for the user in case they forget, which can only be unlocked with a master password. Text strings in Safari 5.2 have revealed a similar feature and reads, “Safari can automatically suggest and remember unique, secure passwords for websites you choose.”

No word if this secure password feature is confirmed to be making its way into the final release, but what do you guys think? Would you prefer Apple build in a native feature, or does it not make a difference since you can always turn to 1Password for your password needs?

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