Apple Starts Selling OS X Lion And Mountain Lion Via Their Online Store

With OS X Mavericks being rolled out to the masses, there are probably still Mac users running on much older versions of Mac computers, meaning that their devices might not be eligible for an upgrade to Mavericks. What this means is that they will either have to turn to OS X Lion or OS X Mountain Lion, but unfortunately both OS X Lion and Mountain Lion have since been removed […]

OS X Mountain Lion reportedly draining MacBook batteries faster than its predecessor

While OS X Mountain Lion might be Apple’s latest operating system at the moment, it might not really be the greatest as far as MacBook Pro users are concerned. According to a test conducted by Ars Technica, they have discovered that there might be evidence to suggest that it could be draining battery life on MacBooks faster than its predecessor, OS X Lion. Their test results have shown that they […]

Demo Mac units at Apple’s retail stores might not be running OS X Mountain Lion due to some hiccups

So Apple has confirmed that OS X Mountain Lion will be released later today. For some Mac users, the decision as to whether they should upgrade from OS X Lion to OS X Mountain Lion is still one that they have yet to make. While it is a relatively inexpensive upgrade, we’re sure that many Mac users are comfortable with the way things are now. Well if you were thinking […]

OS X Mountain Lion seeded to Apple Care reps ahead of launch, 25th of July release looking more certain

About a week ago, we reported that thanks to reports of Apple Stores pulling overnight shifts on the 24th of July, it seemed very likely that a release of OS X Mountain Lion could be taking place on the 25th of July. Safe to say the rumored 19th of July date did not pan out, leading us to believe that the 25th does seem like a plausible candidate for a […]


Apple to release OS X Mountain Lion on the 25th of July?

Apple has stated that OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 will be launched in July, although they were rather vague when it came to a specific date which we presume was subject to change depending on how well the preview went. However the folks at 9to5 Mac are claiming to have heard whispers that Apple Stores in both the US and overseas are planning overnight shifts for Tuesday, the 24th of […]

OS X Mountain Lion rumored for 19th July release

During WWDC, Apple announced that OS X Mountain Lion will be arriving in July. It was a pretty vague timeframe but we guess since the beta of the operating system was still going on, perhaps Apple themselves did not know as well. However if you are looking for a more specific date, the folks at T-Gaap are claiming that according to their source, it seems that OS X Mountain Lion […]

Skype 5.8 arrives for Mac and is OS X Mountain Lion-ready

Heads up Mac users, it looks like Skype for OS X has been updated to version 5.8 and will be bringing about several features that used to be exclusive to the Windows version. For starters Skype for Mac will be bringing back the slim and floating contact list that was apparently a much requested feature that was originally in Skype 2.8. For those wondering what it’s about, the new Contacts […]

Messages beta gets taken down ahead of OS X Mountain Lion’s launch next month

Apple officially announced yesterday that Messages would be arriving in OS X Mountain Lion, although for those of you who have been diligently following the beta may have already downloaded the Messages beta app. However if you have been putting off doing so, well it seems that you might be out of luck now. According to the folks at Cult of Mac, while the link to the Messages beta app […]

Apple details some of OS X Mountain Lion’s features

Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion is expected to be the next major operating system update that will arrive on Apple’s series of Mac computers. We’ve seen a couple of features outed in the past thanks to the developer version of the software, but today at WWDC Apple has revealed more of the upcoming OS’ features.

OS X Mountain Lion to bring offline reading to Safari’s Reading LIst

If you use any of Apple’s iOS devices like the iPhone or iPad, you might be familiar with apps such as Instapaper or Readability that allows you to save webpages into the app for offline reading, making it a great solution for those who want to read websites while on the go but are unable to find WiFi coverage (for those with the WiFi-only iPads or those with the iPod […]

OS X Mountain Lion to feature Siri-like Voice Dictation? [Rumor]

Rumor has it that Apple will be bringing the Siri-like voice dictation feature of the new iPad to the Mac. When Siri was first introduced along with the iPhone 4S last year, voice dictation technology immediately became a potent weapon in Apple’s arsenal. Voice dictation offers an easy way for users to speak to their devices without having to type using a physical or virtual keyboard. According to 9to5Mac, a resource […]

Rumor: OS X Mountain Lion could see a release in June

Mac users are you looking forward to seeing what OS X Mountain Lion has to offer? While no official date of release has been given, if you are looking forward to it you might not have to wait too long before you can get your hands on the upgrade. According to AppleInsider’s source, they have reported that AppleCare EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) is currently hiring a number of […]

Safari could get secure password suggestions in OS X Mountain Lion

Some of us just aren’t too good at choosing passwords for ourselves. In fact according to statistics, it has been reported that some popular choices for passwords includes “abc123”, birth dates, names, etc. However the downside to choosing a highly complex password is that sometimes we can forget what we come up with which can be really annoying. The good news is that according to the Safari 5.2 developer build […]

Double resolution icons in Mountain Lion points at possible Retina display for Macs

Apple seems to love their Retina display technology, and why not? It certainly makes surfing websites, playing games and watching videos a pleasure, but so far the technology has only made its way onto the iPhone 4/4S and the third-generation iPad, but it seems like that could change thanks to a source who revealed to Ars Technica that double-resolution icons were found in “unexpected places” in an early developer build […]