Safely has just announced their latest app, the Safely Phone Controls that will target the Android platform. This is a digital parenting service that is being distributed in partnership with Sprint, where you can get it from the Google Play store after looking for “Sprint Mobile Controls.” Safely user data showed that 63% of teens text in class, while 65% send texts late into the night. With Safely Phone Controls, parents are able to get a better handle on their teens’ texting activities, not to mention playing the role of a responsible parent by regulating their use. For instance, school time is meant for studying, so parents can block the ability to text or play games during school, and can also receive alerts whenever an unknown person contacts their child.
According to Tasso Roumeliotis, CEO of Location Labs, “Three out of four teenagers have a cell phone, and with over 20 free smartphones now offered by US carriers, more teens are using these powerful devices. Parents give kids phones to keep them safe and connected, but worry that constant access will interfere with school or sleep. Safely Phone Controls gives parents an easy way to manage these concerns.” Do you think that such regulation from parents are justified?

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