Samsung, the consumer electronics giant has decided to go ahead with the Youm brand to grace its range of flexible displays, and the South Korean conglomerate intends to see this technology see action across a wide range of devices include an e-reader, a digital camera, and perhaps even a video chat system. The flexible AMOLED technology use is claimed by Samsung to be “unbreakable”, but I am quite sure that there will be legions waiting to test that claim and perhaps, do their best to counter it.

The Youm branded flexible displays were previewed at CES 2011, which is more than a year ago, although that came in a tiny 4.5″ display that measured no more than 0.3mm thin, and yet it was capable of delivering WVGA (800×480 pixel) resolution even when it is bent. Samsung hopes that this flexible AMOLED display might one day be able to handle 3D images thanks to implementation in an augmented-reality system. LG is still ahead of the rest when it comes to the flexible display game, as they are first off the blocks to mass produce it.

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