The state of New York is quick to the draw by implementing a newly passed law that will remove sexual predators from online gaming sites. At least, that is the theory of it, and with the project aptly called “Operation Game Over” in full swing, video game platforms should see their subscriber list purged so that children and other minors remain protected from online predators to a certain degree. According to New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, “We must insure online video game systems do not become a digital playground for dangerous predators. That means doing everything possible to block sex offenders from using gaming networks as a vehicle to prey on underage victims.”

Among the corporate participants of the operation are Microsoft, Apple, Sony, Electronic Arts, Disney Interactive Media Group, Warner Brothers and Blizzard Entertainment. With more than 40 million users on Microsoft’s Xbox Live platform, it goes without saying that Operation Game Over could not have come at a more timely manner. Parents can now breathe easier, although this does not mean the onus is not on the parents to educate their kids on detecting danger when online.

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