Given that most online services require us to create accounts, many of us have accounts that have not used for long and kind of just forgotten about. If that applies to you with regards to a Microsoft or Xbox account, then you might want to take note. Microsoft has said that it’s going to close all such accounts if they have been inactive for two years.

The company has said that starting August 30th, 2019, any Microsoft or Xbox Live accounts that have been inactive for two years will be automatically closed. This policy is meant to get rid of duplicate and dead accounts.

Microsoft does highlight that there are other ways than just signing into your account once every two years to ensure that it doesn’t get closed. For example, you’ll be good if you maintain a subscription or make any kind of purchase that extend the account’s active status. You will still have two years after the expiration date of that subscription in which you can just sign in at least once to ensure that your account doesn’t go anywhere.

The company also mentions that an account is never going to be closed as long as there’s unspent balance or unpaid credit present. Those who have a family account with one or more sub-accounts need not worry because as long as at least one sub-account is active, the main account won’t be closed.

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