Microsoft first hinted at the possibility of its Xbox Live Avatars being revamped back in 2015. Two job listings were posted at that time which suggested that the company wanted to bring its avatars to the next level. Hints about the new avatars were dropped from time to time but no definitive announcement was made. Microsoft has now confirmed that the new Xbox Live Avatars will be released later this year in the fall.

Microsoft’s Xbox boss Phil Spencer said last year that additional customization options for Xbox Live Avatars were “not far off,” when he was requested by users to add wheelchairs to the customization options.

An image of how the avatars would look like with wheelchairs was released the very next day by Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra but the company didn’t really confirm when it would be launching the new avatars.

Microsoft has confirmed at E3 2017 that it’s going to release the new Xbox Live Avatars in the fall this year. The new avatars are going to feature a lot of customization options and will have better graphics.

Aside from more customization options and the ability to add wheelchairs to avatars, all clothing is going to be gender neutral which means the avatar can don anything that’s available in the store regardless of the gender.

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