Ads are just about everywhere you look, and there does not seem to be any escaping from it. Well, here is one way to “strike back”, so to speak, thanks to the efforts of the good people over at The New York Times. Basically, the online version of the publication has embedded a game which allows readers to shoot at ads and blow them up, in addition to the ability of adding comments and links on the website. Sounds like a pretty bold move in our books, as the article itself is a seven-page commentary on the evolution and the implications of addictive casual games on our society. It starts off with one of the all time favorites, the classic title known as Tetris, moving all the way to Angry Birds and Farmville. Author Sam Anderson says, “Today we are living, for better and worse, in a world of stupid games.” The game was specially developed for the Times and is based on “Kick Ass.” Those who have tried it out have vouched for its highly addictive level. You can give this ad-blasting game a go here.

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