nyt-outageJust earlier this morning, we did bring you word that Microsoft’s Outlook service has experienced an outage, and it seems that Microsoft is not the only one suffering from such a malady, as the New York Times’ website has been offline, and still is offline as at press time. Just what is going on today? When approached, a representative for the New York Times’s owner has confirmed that the site is down without divulging any details as to why it is so, while a tweet from one of the blogs has pointed the blame finger squarely at the all encompassing “technical problems” reason – or should we say, excuse?

One ought to take note that the New York Times Co. happens to be the owner of the Boston Globe right now, but the Boston Globe’s website remains up and running without any issues. Certainly this outage proves that while the Internet is a fantastic place for print media to take a leap into the paperless future, there still is some room left for traditional newspapers. After all, I just love the smell of a freshly printed paper, not to mention you can always use these old papers to clean your glass doors and windows after scrunching them up nice and good. Hopefully the folks handling the New York Times’ website will be able to get things up and running quickly, otherwise heads might roll. Image courtesy of CNET.

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