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New York Times Will Ship 300,000 Cardboard VR Viewers Once Again
In October last year, The New York Times teamed up with Google to ship more than one million Google Cardboard VR viewers to its home delivery subscribers with a copy of The New York Times. The iconic scribe is doing this once again. It has confirmed that in conjunction with a new VR experience that’s going to be published in The New York Times, it’s going to team up with […]

Virgin America Now Offers Free Streaming Of Entire Spotify Catalogue
Virgin America today announced that it’s bringing free streaming of the entire Spotify catalogue, which boasts more than 30 million songs, to all passengers onboard its new ViaSat Wi-Fi equipped aircraft through March 2nd, 2016. It’s the first airline to team up with Spotify to offer all users access to its entire music catalogue 35,000 feet in the air, it has also created some 60 city-inspired Mood Lists in collaboration with […]

New York Times Will Ship Google Cardboard To Print Subscribers In New VR Project
Google Cardboard is a very cheap virtual reality solution that Google came up with over a year ago, since then this program has been expanded to cover the education sector as well. The company has now teamed up with The New York Times on a new virtual reality project, the scribe is going to ship over one million Cardboard units for home delivery to subscribers with their copy of The […]

NY Times Site Hacked
Yesterday, we brought you word that Twitter’s domain registration was taken over by the Syrian Electronic Army, and here we are with word that the next alleged victim of the Syrian Electronic Army would be The New York Times – as those who clicked on The New York Times’ website ended up with nothing but error messages throughout Tuesday, making this the site’s second major disruption in the month of […]


New York Times Web Site Is Still Offline
Just earlier this morning, we did bring you word that Microsoft’s Outlook service has experienced an outage, and it seems that Microsoft is not the only one suffering from such a malady, as the New York Times’ website has been offline, and still is offline as at press time. Just what is going on today? When approached, a representative for the New York Times’s owner has confirmed that the site […]

The New York Times Gets Flipboard Treatment On Android And Kindle Fire
If you happen to love everything about Flipboard and also have a penchant to read The New York Times whenever possible, then only iOS users would have had the pleasant experience of enjoying The New York Times over on Flipboard on their Apple devices. It is without much further ado, and with great pleasure that I announce the The New York Times will finally be made available in Flipboard for […]

New York Times website blocked in China after expose on Premier Wen Jiabao’s wealth
I guess it was inevitable, although many would deem it to be silly and downright an admission of guilt, as China blocked the website of The New York Times after the paper revealed the kind of wealth that Premier Wen Jiabao and his family built throughout his tenure as a top government official. It seems that Wen’s wife and relatives have raked up at the very minimum, a whopping $2.7 […]

The New York Times lets you vent frustration on ads
Ads are just about everywhere you look, and there does not seem to be any escaping from it. Well, here is one way to “strike back”, so to speak, thanks to the efforts of the good people over at The New York Times. Basically, the online version of the publication has embedded a game which allows readers to shoot at ads and blow them up, in addition to the ability […]

Spammers take over New York Times e-mail list
Nobody likes spam, unless it is the stuff that you find in between two slices of bread, and when coupled with a slice of cheese, it can be touted as the perfect breakfast. I guess The New York Times also hates spam, especially after some spammers hacked into the newspaper’s e-mail marketing list, sending out e-mails that informed former subscribers to call The New York Times in order to reinstate […]

Interactive Magic Mirror at the New York Times
We have seen our fair share of interactive mirrors in the past (including an augmented reality one), but this particular model hails from the research & development lab at the New York Times that brings about a page from the future. This mirror is special as it not only helps you avoid getting nicks whenever you shave, but it is also capable of sending different kinds of media content to […]

New York Times now offers in-app subscriptions for the iPad
It looks Apple is winning the war against publishers who don’t agree with Apple’s policy of giving the company 30% of every in-app sale it makes. The New York Times, one of the companies that held out against Apple’s strict policy has made a last minute change to its app to prevent its removal from the App Store.The New York Times was issued a warning by the Cupertino company to […]

A Google A Day at The New York Times
The New York Times, an institutional newspaper all by itself, has worked closely with Google to roll out A Google A Day, which is a trivia game that encourages you to use the search engine in order to solve each daily question. Google claims that the questions will be posted near the crossword puzzle each weekday in the Times, not to mention on its virtual presence as well. Similar to […]

New York Times introduces digital subscriptions
The New York Times, for the longest time one of the more established newspapers around, has kept up with the times and will be introducing a new business model for digital journalism which intends to establish a different method of consuming content online, long after the print segment experiences a dignified death. Those who are in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill, as well as the East Village, are part of […]

E-Books Get Added to New York Times Bestseller List
The New York Times Bestseller List is pretty much an industry standard to what’s hot and what’s selling in the print world, and now the newspaper publication will soon add digital books to its list. Although the Bestseller List for printed books cover various categories, e-books will be broken into fiction and non-fiction. Since 1935, The New York Times Best-Seller Lists have been the definitive metric that book publishers and […]