As we know, everybody loves a ninja and this brand new watch goes by the name of Ninja Time. You will be happy to know however that unlike ninjas this watch will not go missing. The ninja that sits on your wrist might cause you to break out in laughter as it either tells you the time or shows you how cross-eyed it is. The ‘eye’ on the left indicates the hour while the one of the right indicates the minute. Besides that, the watch is as minimalistic as; you guessed it, a ninja.


With only the folds on the mask as well as the strap, the entire phone is made of molded plastic. The dials at the side of the device serving as not only the ninja’s ears but also time-setting buttons proffer a cute little extra on this essentials-only watch. The watch that was designed by Andy Kurovets comes in a variety of colors and is in the final stages before its release for sale to the public and for now there has been no official word on its pricing or availability yet.

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