Smart TVs, smart fabrics, smart windows, smartphones, the list goes on. Toncelli’s Prisma smart kitchen might very well make you want to stay at home a whole lot more, considering how this particular puppy boasts of such a sleek design, not to mention integrated Samsung Galaxy Tab technology inside for that added touch of class, if you will pardon the pun. To be presented at Eurocucina 2012, Toncelli worked hand in hand with Experientia, an experience design consultancy, resulting in this technologically advanced albeit user friendly kitchen.

The kitchen island’s work surface is where all the action’s at, boasting of a sliding cutting board as well as integrated Samsung Galaxy Tab technology which delivers an interactive and engaging kitchen experience. Heck, it might even be deemed to be too beautiful for use by some of us.  No idea on how much something like this would cost, but I would assume that if one needed to ask, then I might be right in saying that one definitely cannot afford it.

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