Windows Phone 8, also known as Apollo, is not out yet, but that does not mean others cannot come up with a Windows Phone 8 concept, right? Here is Yanko Andreev’s rendition of a possible futuristic Windows Phone, sporting a massive 5″ display at 1280 x 800 resolution. No idea on what kind of monstrous battery will see action with this conceptual device, but it had better be of high capacity, otherwise the display itself will make short work of the battery life, unless sometime down the road, someone else discovers the secret to super efficient batteries without gaining anymore bulk compared to today’s offerings in the market.

Andreev’s concept sees a future where the Apollo update of Windows Phone will come with a new lockscreen that allows you to select the kind of clock size and position that suits you, in addition to type of notifications and weather settings to take advantage of the larger display. There is also a new landscape mode that offers live, active and scrollable tiles alongside direct control, while swipe actions allow you to group and label the pinned apps with ease. All in all, Windows Phone 8 is still some ways off, so dreaming about what it can offer is legit at this point in time.

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