If you’ve always loved the idea of wireless charging, perhaps for novelty value or because you really, really despise the clutter of wires on the floor/table, you will be pleased to learn that the Wireless Power Consortium has announced today that they will be updating the Qi wireless charging standard. The update will now allow for inductive charging to take place over longer distances. Previously the standard required devices to be within 5mm from the magnetic platform, but thanks to the update, 5 watt devices will now be able to receive power even when placed up to 40mm away from the platform.

The consortium has also added 12 new transmitter designs which will now give consumer electronics manufacturers more freedom in device placement, alignment and differing power options. The WPC is hoping that with these new designs, Qi-enabled charging surfaces can find its way into more places, such as desks, counters, cars, etc. More information on the Qi wireless charging standard can be found at the Wireless Power Consortium’s website.

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