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Samsung Monitor With Wireless Charger Now Available For Pre-Order
Remember a few months ago we reported that Samsung had a monitor in the works that came with a built-in wireless charger? If this sounded like a pretty nifty feature that you would love to see in a monitor, you’re in luck because Samsung has officially announced that the monitor is now available for pre-order via Newegg for $249.99.Now just in case you’re learning about the Samsung SE370 monitor for […]

Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charger Is Coming Soon
If you’re a fan of wireless charging and love how you can easily charge a device by placing it on top of a wireless charging surface, then you might be interested in Samsung’s recently announced fast charge wireless charger. The device was not mentioned during the company’s recent smartphone announcement, but we suppose it’s still here all the same.The device appears to have been designed for the Galaxy Note 5 […]

Tango Multi Device Wireless Charger with Free Positionning
According to PowerSquare CEO, Pavan Pudipeddi, Tango is the “world’s first multi device charger for Qi compatible devices” that can charge up to two mobile devices simultaneously with free positioning. The fact that there is no need to position your smartphones in a defined way to charge them is very practical, and to our knowledge, current wireless chargers do not offer that feature yet.Tango offers a patent-pending Adaptive Position-Free (APF) system […]

Emirates Installs Qi Wireless Chargers In Its Dubai Lounge
While wireless charging isn’t truly wireless charging in the sense that you can walk around while your phone is recharging, it is convenient as you can pick your phone up anytime and work on it, and put it back down and it will charge without having to plug or fiddle with any cables. The mat that allows for wireless charging also means you won’t have to hunt for an extra […]


Qi Chargers Will Get Support For 15W Fast Charging
The Wireless Power Consortium has announced that it has made some changes to the Qi wireless charging spec, the changes deal with backwards compatibility and more power. Soon, Qi chargers will soon support 15W fast charging thus making wireless charging almost nearly as fast as wired charging. One of the arguments against wireless charging has been that it’s slow but this latest spec change is going to go a long way […]

IKEA Intends To Work Towards Wireless Charging Capability In Homes
IKEA, the furniture giant who made flat packs famous all the world over (not to mention their ever delicious meatballs that I simply cannot have enough of!), has the vision and will to deliver wireless charging-capable furniture from April this year onward, now how about that? The world’s biggest furniture manufacturer intends to start selling the likes of tables, work desks, nightstands and other pieces of furniture that will be […]

McDonald's UK To Bring Aircharge's Qi Wireless Charging To Their Stores
You might have heard that Starbucks back in 2014 partnered with PMA which saw the integration of Duracell’s Powermats at Starbucks outlets. This allowed Starbucks’ patrons to charge their mobile devices wirelessly if they have a charging accessory that supports the PMA standard, or they could always borrow an adapter from the outlet.Well it looks like McDonald’s over in the UK will be getting wireless charging of their own too […]

DIY $7 Qi Charger
Now here is something that you might want to skip on when as a DIY project, unless you have the cojones to go ahead with it. A Redditor who carries the moniker PAY_CLOSE_ATTENTION has put up a fair number of photos of what has been described to be a “$7 ghetto totally-not-a-fire-hazard Qi charger,” although one does wonder whether it will live up to its purported reputation or not. After […]

Sony's CP-W5 Wireless Charger Also Comes With A 5,000mAh Battery
Wireless chargers are something of a novelty since they’re not really wireless as for the most part, they require to be tethered to a power source in order to provide enough juice to charge your device. However Sony is hoping to change that with the CP-W5, a portable wireless charger that should work with Qi-compatible devices.What makes this device particularly interesting is the fact that it comes with a 5,000mAh […]

Audi Demonstrates Qi Wireless Charging At CES 2014
[CES 2014] At every edition of CES, you can be sure that there will also be an area that showcases vehicles as well as the different kinds of technology that has been incorporated within, or in this particular case of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), from without. We are referring to how German automaker Audi has been demonstrating Qi wireless charging capability at this year’s edition of CES. This would […]

Samsung Makes $4 Million Investment In Wireless Charging Company
Samsung Ventures America has made a $4 million funding in a wireless charging startup called PowerbyProxi. The system that this company has developed allows multiple devices to be placed on a single charger for wireless charging. The system also allows more flexibility on how the devices are positioned on the single charger. Senior investment manager at Samsung Ventures America, Michael Pachos, will now be joining PowerbyProxi’s board as both companies […]

San Francisco's Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf Outlets Now Offering Wireless Charging
Need a place to charge your phone wirelessly and have a cup of coffee? It looks like San Francisco's Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf outlets have you covered.

Sony Xperia Z Gets Qi Wireless Charging Case From Ipan Ipan
While wireless charging on smartphones still isn’t as “free” as we’d like it to be, we guess the lack of cables does help a bit in terms of keeping desks clutter-free. In any case if you own the Sony Xperia Z and you were looking for a little wireless charging action, Ipan Ipan has announced a wireless charging case for the Sony Xperia Z that will play nice with Qi […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Support Qi Wireless Charging Standard
One of the rumored features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 was that it would come with wireless charging. Unfortunately during the Galaxy S4’s announcement, Samsung did not make any mention of wireless charging, leaving us to wonder if such a feature was merely a rumor. As luck would have it, Qi has announced that the Qi wireless charging standard would be supported in the Samsung Galaxy S4, meaning that owners […]