We know that Leica is one of the pricier camera brand names out there, but it seems that a blast from the past has managed to create news waves today – a rare 0-Series Leica camera has picked up the most expensive camera sold in the world tag recently, fetching a handsome (and almost obscene) $2.79 million price tag, which bettered its previous record of $1.9 million at a similar auction in Vienna last year. To show just how desirable this particular camera is, it took less than a minute for the bid to touch a cool €1 million, and the auction actually closed after a just 4 minutes. The rarity of the 0-Series camera cannot be understated – hailing from 1923, it is just a decade plus shy of 100 years, and only 25 of these were manufactured. Developed as prototypes, only a dozen of the 0-Series cameras are known to exist. It is still in full working condition despite having lived through two world wars, and we believe it might just break more records down the road.

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