You know how too many cooks can spoil the soup? Well, I guess that is not an issue at all with this particular app from Ben Heck, where the Android-powered app will be used to stir a pot remotely, letting users heat their meals to the right temperature regardless of where they are in the house. Ben Heck was apparently one who picked up the inspiration for such an idea after suffering through countless burnt lunches, hence he went to work on embedding the Android app into a Bluetooth-enabled tablet so that the particular tablet is able to control an automatic stirring device – remotely. Ben did not stop there though, as he continued to work on the stirring tool by using an actuator arm, a chip clip and a trapezoid timing belt. Throwing in a Google ADK and an embedded Arduino Uno that works out the control mechanism between the stirrer and tablet were the finishing touches by Ben. It does not look as though it is going to hit the mass market though.

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