iPad 2 Smart CoverEver wondered just how much manufacturers make from selling cases and sleeves and protective coverings for your mobile devices? While we’re not sure how much other manufacturers are making, it seems that according to Richard Kramer, the managing director of Arete Research, Apple is raking in an impressive $500 million every quarter from the sales of its iPad Smart Cover alone! Speaking at the Open Mobile Summit in London, Kramer was quoted as saying:

“Apple is one of the first manufacturers to move its focus away from mobile hardware, as seen with the Ipad Smart Cover […] The majority of Ipad users own one of these flexible accessories, which brings Apple in a $500m fortune each quarter.”

He goes on to state that other manufacturers should follow suit and release accessories of their own to differentiate their products, which he refers to as “black slabs” as seen by the average consumer. What do you guys think? Do the people you know with iPads tend to favor the Smart Cover or do they prefer third-party alternatives?

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