Boingo intends to weed out all confusion concerning unlimited Wi-Fi data plans by simplifying them, moving all of it into a single account that will cater to multiple devices. Touted to be the Wi-Fi industry’s leading provider of software and services around the world, Boingo has announced that they will now allow users to log in with their range of notebooks, tablets, smartphones and other Wi-Fi enabled devices with but a single account.

Monthly plans that sport unlimited Wi-Fi access are extremely popular, including Boingo Unlimited (Americas), Boingo UK + Ireland, Boingo Europe Plus, and Boingo Asia Pacific, where they are now all consolidated to be used with any Wi-Fi enabled device. All you need to do is select the log in at the splash page as seen in the hotspot, and Boingo’s roaming app has your back, letting you log onto over 325,000 hotspots with but a single click.

The unlimited data plans will comprise of two unique devices monthly, and you can choose to add more devices – for a price, of course, at $5 per device each month. There is a maximum number of devices you can add though with 5 being the total. Sounds good?

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