Facebook logoWhen it comes to entering some bars, lounges or night clubs, a form of ID is usually requested before you are permitted access. This is to prevent those underaged from entering and while that practice has been going on for years, a new form of identification has emerged and it has been reported by some that there are bouncers at the entrance of certain night clubs who are asking to see Facebook profiles. This is apparently done to ensure that who you say you are on your driver’s license is the same with the information on your Facebook page.

Naturally this move did not sit well with some patrons who claims that this constitutes as an invasion of privacy. However there were some door staff who felt that this was an added measure of security to make sure that no one underaged got past them. Reportedly a huge fine will be imposed if an underaged customer were to be found at their establishment. Considering that Facebook age and information can be easily faked, along with IDs, we’re not sure how checking a person’s Facebook profile can help, but what do you guys think? Would you be ok to let a bouncer you’ve never met view your Facebook profile, and has it ever happened to you?

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