We don’t really make it a habit of ours to cover every MMORPG out there – after all there are too many out there to begin with! However what managed to catch our attention as far as MMORPGs go is an upcoming Chinese MMO called God Slayer which will be running on Crytek’s CryEngine 3, the same engine used for the still somewhat graphically intensive Crysis 2. Developed by ChangYou, the game is expected to blend both Eastern and Western mythology together, and while no launch date has been revealed, ChangYou has expressed their interest in a global rollout at some point. While we’re not sure if God Slayer will be a successful MMORPG, we have to admit that thanks to the use of CryEngine 3, it does look pretty good as far as the graphics are concerned. In the meantime check out the trailer in the video above, or the screenshots below.

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