It used to be that you would walk down the street and you could immediately point out an Apple user simply by the striking white color cord of their earphones. If you’re looking to be even more noticed, then this Earphone Speaker Keychain from ThinkGeek is a gadget you most definitely will not want to miss. As pictured above, it is somewhat reminiscent of the iPod’s white earbuds and the cool thing is that it’s actually a speaker. It appears to be small enough so that you will be able to slip into your pocket without any issues, and thanks to its keychain design, you will also have a pretty interesting looking keychain to attach with your keys.

As the photo above illustrates, the Earphone Speaker Keychain will plug into your iPhone via the 3.5mm audio jack. Since the 3.5mm audio jack can be found on pretty much any media player, smartphone and tablet in the market today, you should have no problems using it with non-iOS devices. Granted it probably will not afford you audiophile quality sound but at $8.99 and with its somewhat novel design, we are finding it hard to complain. Head on over to ThinkGeek for the details or to place your order.

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