A self-powering energy source – don’t governments around the world, whether despots or in a democracy, want that? After all, it would mean the end to many problems such as trading energy and constantly being on the lookout for new sources whose method of harvesting such energy might prove detrimental to the environment. Eton, a company that has long churned out emergency devices such as radios and torchlights, are now back with the new FRX series of self-powered radios, namely the FRX 1, FRX 2 and FRX 3 which rely on its hand-crank ability so that the internal lithium ion battery will continue to have a stash of emergency power as and when required. Apart from that, there is also a glow-in-the-dark indicator to keep the LED flashlight and DC input company. The FRX 2 and FRX 3 are superior over the FRX 1 as it comes with solar panels for you to recharge the internal battery, in addition to a headphone jack and the all important USB port (these days) to keep a compatible device charged. Not only that, the top of the line FRX 3 sports a digital alarm and radio as well as a display to receive NOAA weather alerts. The FRX 1, FRX 2 and FRX 3 are priced at $25, $40 and $60, respectively. [Press Release]


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