Those of us wearing glasses tend to be subject to taunts at the playground, being called all sorts of names in the process as other kids mercifully tease the weaker members or “outcasts”, but as we grow up, we know that wearing glasses are also handy in attracting certain demographic of the opposite sex. Heck, glasses design has come a long way as well, where some of them are far out sexy these days. Unfortunately, the problem with wearing a pair of glasses is this – you will need to go for annual eye exams to see whether there is a need to change the lenses to coincide with your visual power. Enter this pair of glasses that enables you to adjust the correction manually, delivering the sharpest view possible at all times (within reasonable bounds, of course).

How is this done? Well, the glasses will rely on a couple of lenses which will slide across one another whenever you alter the power. Changing the power is as simple as manipulating the thumb wheel on each temple – turning the wheels one eye at a time until your eyes hit that “Eureka!” moment. Known as Eyejusters, they are perfect for folks living in developing countries who find it too expensive to go for corrective eye surgery, and cannot afford to change their glasses annually, too.

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