Just a couple of weeks ago, we heard about a new feature that was rumored to be featured in Facebook called Highlight. This feature effectively allows people to pay a sum and Facebook would promote your selected post and now incidentally, it has begun to show up with the first sighting so far by an owner of a music blog called Gorilla vs Bear.

Chris Cantalini, the owner of the music blog in question tweeted that he was in the process of posting a track by Holy Balm when he was interrupted with a prompt (pictured above) that enquired if he wanted to pay a sum as much as $100 to make that song in that post reach an amount of 39,000 people.

For now, 37,000 people have ‘Liked’ the Gorilla vs Bear page on Facebook. From the picture, we can see that the amount of money varies with the number of people you want your post to reach but the mechanism behind it isn’t clear as of now. While the general consensus around the office shows that this would be ideal for businesses, it will reportedly be available for individuals as well so we will probably be seeing a lot more of ‘Highlight’ in the near future.

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