Google’s Project Glass, the augmented reality glasses that you can wear and feel as though you are from the future, has been confirmed to feature a trackpad as part of its hardware make up. An unusual source, California Lieutenant Governor and former San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom, did share this revelation to the masses with Google’s Brin as a guest on his Current TV show, where this episode showed off a swiping act on what looks like a picture gallery across the large black area on the right side of the glasses. After handing the Google Glasses over to Newsom, Brin told him not to touch the pad on the side, and it dose seem to denote that the trackpad can be swiped in both directions, side to side in order to view the picture gallery, as well as up or down in order to exit and enter the particular gallery. Newsom was more than impressed with the result, touting, “The image was remarkably clear. You can easily forget you have them on, and sense the capacity of use in the future.”


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