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Google Glass Parodied On Saturday Night Live
Now that the Explorer Edition of Google Glass has been shipped out to a select number of people, you might have bumped into someone wearing them at a party, social event or maybe even on the streets. Using Google Glass may seem more difficult to those who haven’t used the wearable computer than those who have become accustomed to it, which is exactly what the writers at Saturday Night Live decided to […]

Google Will Brick Your Google Glass If Its Resold, Loaned Out
It seems more information regarding Google Glass has been slowly but surely being revealed the closer we get to its actual release, which is expected some time later this year. We already know what its specs are going to be as well as Google not wanting any ads on the platform. It looks like that may not be the only stipulation to being a Google Glass owner as it’s being reported Google also […]

Google Glass Specs Reveal 5MP Camera, 25-Inch Display, All-Day Battery Life
Google announced its Google Glass Explorer Editions were beginning to ship in waves to their respective buyers, but what exactly will $1,500 get these selected pioneers? We recently saw an infographic from artist Martin Missfeldt who went through the trouble of compiling information through a number of sources, but we still don’t know what the specs are for the Google Glass. That is, until today as Google has officially announced what is […]

Google Chooses 8,000 Winners To Pay $1,500 To Wear Google Glass
Google is promising its Google Glass will be available sometime later this year for under $1,500, but until it’s officially available to the public to purchase, the company is being selective as to who gets their hands and eyes all over it.Google is announcing it has picked 8,000 “winners” who will be able to purchase their Google Glass for $1,500 making them the first people to be given a chance […]


Google Glass Will Support Prescription Glasses
With Google Glass expected to be released to the public sometime later this year, as a glasses-wearing American, I have always wondered if I’d need to ditch my prescription glasses in order to enjoy the device. It seems Google has been hearing that same concern from their potential customers and have addressed it on their Project Glass Google+ page.If you’ve been wondering if Google Glass will be available for prescription […]

Google Glass App Recognizes People Based On Fashion Sense
Google Glass is expected to be available later this year, with some concepts impressing us as well as offering a glimpse into their possible real-world use. We’re sure it might be a tad difficult to pick out someone from a crowd using facial recognition, which is why Duke University is looking to developing a Google Glass app that would help recognize a person based on what they’re wearing.The application is called InSight and […]

Google Glass eBay Auction Reaches $15,000
A few days ago, Google revealed their Google Glass would not only be available to consumers by the end of this year, but would also be reasonably priced at less than $1,500. After hearing that, we knew you’d be dying to get your hands on the wearable computer ASAP. And it looks like you could do just that, that is, if you trust a recent listing on eBay for a pair […]

Google Project Glass Part 2 Patent Spotted
It seems that Google’s Project Glass has more than meets the eye (hah, I kill myself! Pardon the pun), as a second patent for Project Glass has just been discovered, where it was aptly called Google Project Glass Part 2. The “second part” of the Google Project Glass patent parades a binocular Head Mounted Display, which does seem as though it is a whole lot more conducive for the end […]

Conan Expects Google Glass To Evolve Into A Camera For Your Rump
Google’s recently published Google Glass video has been getting the attention of a lot of people, both in and outside of the tech industry. One such person is late-night talk-show host Conan O’Brien, who decided to talk about the upcoming wearable device on his show last night.In talking about Google Glass, Conan decided to show a follow-up video highlighting a “new product” from Google that takes the device to another […]

Google Glass Coming In 2013 For Less Than $1,500
Google recently gave us a glimpse as to what Google Glass users can expect from their experience with the device once it’s released. The video really impressed us with how easily Google Glass will become integrated with our everyday lives as we’ll be able to take photos, record video and initiate hangouts with very little effort. We’re sure after you watched Google’s video, you shouted at your screen, “WHEN CAN I […]

Google Shows What Project Glass Can Do In 'How It Feels' Video
Google may still be considering what kind of features to highlight for its Project Glass, but judging by a recently released video called “How It Feels [through Glass]” published by Google, we think the company already has some good ideas of what exactly they want the device to do.The video shows the interaction between the user and Google Glass can be minimal as by default, the device would project a […]

Google Glass Shows Up At The FCC
After Google’s elusive Project Glass made a cameo appearance at a subway in New York last week, the augmented reality device was spotted today at the FCC, possibly hinting an imminent release. But first things first, it’s worth noting that Google previously said that it will release the Explorer Edition in about 6 months or so, although the finished product will not be available to the consumer market until 2014. […]

Sergey Brin Spotted With Project Glass On NYC Subway
When you are one of the richest men in the US, surely getting around on public transport would get you identified quite easily, so it is a pleasant surprise for the geek world to see Sergey Brin, who normally guards his privacy well, travel along the NYC subway while wearing one of his pet projects, the long awaited Google Glass – albeit in prototype form. Project Glass was announced last […]

Google's Project Glass makes it to Time Magazine's Best Inventions of the Year 2012
Time Magazine recently published its Best Inventions of the Year 2012 where the rest of 2012’s most important innovations were showcased. Time picked a total of 25 innovations including Tesla’s Model S sedan, the Switchblade backpack drone, NASA’s Z-1 prototype spacesuit, the Curiosity Rover, and yes, Google’s very own Project Glass also got a well-deserved spot. “We’re honored to be included among these amazing innovations,” exclaimed the team behind Project […]