Google is launching a new update to Google Voice, the behemoth’s free PC-to-PC voice service that was launched way back in 2009. Google is updating the service with two new features that users might find useful. Essentially, two new groups of callers that promises to help its users manage their privacy better will be added to Google Voice – people in the address book and a separate group for anonymous callers. “Many users have asked us for controls aimed at people who are NOT in their address book. So today, we’re adding two groups of callers for Google Voice users,” Google said via its official blog. Google explained that the two new groups can be managed from the group tab.

  • People in your address book: this allows you to customize the experience of all contacts in your address book. This also works by exclusion. For example, you can set a special greeting just for people in your address book, or screen anyone not in your address book.
  • For anonymous callers: these are callers who do not have a caller ID. They sometimes appear as unknown, or restricted, depending on why the caller’s number is not shown. You can use this group to for example screen any call without a caller ID.

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