Do you own the HTC One S? If so, do you find that getting a GPS lock on the device seems a bit slow? While a slow GPS lock on the One S isn’t exactly a complaint made by many HTC One S owners, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved, right? If you’re looking for a tweak that could make your One S’ GPS lock a bit faster, you will be interested to learn that thanks to XDA developer, MacroHD, a tweak for your device is available that should make the GPS on your phone lock a bit faster. However MacroHD has mentioned that the changes will not be immediate:


“with the faster_gps_fix you may not see a faster result at first try. thats because your device have to redownload the a-gps data. so make sure you have a data connection.

you also can redownload the a-gps data manuall with a market app called GPS-Status for example.”

If this sounds like a tweak you wouldn’t mind having, the download of the file along with the instructions can be found on the XDA forums, but since this is more than just downloading an app, it is suggested that you have some knowledge of rooting to begin with. While the folks at XDA have stated that this is a pretty “nice, safe, and simple” tweak, we suggest that backing up your device and doing a bit of homework before proceeding sounds like a great idea.

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