Yesterday, we covered the news about Apple’s iCloud website that had an iOS-like notification banner at the top portion of the website, hence, indicating the possibility of integrating banner alerts. Today, 9t05Mac says that Apple is expanding the iCloud’s web application library. According to them, the beta version of has just been added with Reminders and Notes applications. “Currently, we are unable to login, but we have been able to load the new icon grid. It is hard to tell if these new apps are something Apple trashed for the original iCloud website release or if Apple is planning on bringing them to the site,” 9to5Mac said.


Apple seems to be hiding and showing its beta website in an irregular fashion (as if some DNS load balancing was going on), as we were unable to access it. It’s also reported that direct references to an upcoming iOS 6 beta in the code strings of iCloud beta has also been spotted. Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac said that based on assumptions, Apple could unleash a new beta version of at WWDC and that it will require the iOS 6 beta to run it. So far, we have no proof of the validity of the claims. But with the WWDC just around the corner, anything can happen.

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