If you’ve fought and complete Infinity Blade 2 on your iOS device multiple times and you’ve pretty much collected everything there is to collect, safe to say you’re probably itching for more content – either that or the upcoming Infinity Blade: Dungeons. While Infinity Blade: Dungeons has yet to see an official release date, it looks like Chair will be whetting the appetite of Infinity Blade 2 players in the mean time by releasing an expansion for the game. Dubbed the Vault of Tears, the expansion is expected to bring about a new dungeon to explore and is expected to “delve further into the Infinity Blade story”. Players can also expect to encounter new foes, collect additional 50 items, level up and get to mess around with several new gameplay mechanics, the details of which are unknown at this point. The expansion is also expected to bring about a treasure map feature that will mark down the locations of treasures for players to discover. Vault of Tears will be seeing a release this Thursday so be sure to check back with us for more updates! In the meantime here are several screenshots/concept artwork of the upcoming release.


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