Infinity Blade 2A couple of weeks ago it was the iTunes App Store’s fifth anniversary and in celebration of that milestone, Apple made several big name (and expensive) apps free. One of them was Chair Entertainment’s Infinity Blade 2 which normally costs $7. Given that now gamers could save themselves $7 on such a beautiful game, we expect that many rushed out there to get their hands on it, although whether they wanted to download and keep it or to play it is a different story all-together, but it seems that the number of downloads is more than what we had thought.


Like we said since the app is now free, many iOS users out there probably want to get their hands on it, and it turns out that according to Chair (via AllThingsD), the number of downloads they saw during the promotion was more than triple, ultimately leading them to add about a whopping 6 million new users to the game over the course of the promotion! The app saw 1.7 million new downloads during the first day, and it seems that thanks to this free download, it might have affected the first Infinity Blade game (which was not discounted) which saw downloads boosted by a factor of 2.5, and even boosted the sales of the ebook, Infinity Blade: Awakening by 70%.

Of course this is a lot of money that Chair could have earned had the app not gone free, but since the game offers in-app purchases, we reckon the developers will have no problems seeing a steady flow of revenue from that. So, were you one of the 6 million that rushed out and downloaded the game because it was free?

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