Given that Infinity Blade 2 has been out for quite a while, we wouldn’t be surprised if gamers had already completed the game multiple times and have collected everything there is to collect. Now as we had mentioned a couple of days ago, an expansion for the game is set to launched today dubbed the “Vault of Tears”, and true to their word, Chair Entertainment has released the update which can be found by heading to the iTunes App Store. It should be noted that the download will be over 1GB in size so make sure you’re on a WiFi connection before doing so.


As we had mentioned earlier, the update will be introducing a new dungeon for players to explore and will expand on the story of the series. There will also be new enemies such as the Moss Golem, Lupun, Dark Fiend, Bog Giant, Acolyte and more, along with a host of new items (over 50 new items according to its developer), new achievements, along with a Treasure Map which will mark out the areas where treasure can be found. The good news for gamers who will devour this new update in a matter of hours/days, Chair Entertainment has left a message stating that there will be a third content update:

“Coming Soon! A third action-packed Infinity Blade II content update is on the horizon, with even more surprises to be revealed soon! The Worker of Secrets isn’t the only person locked away in the tower… and a relic from the distant past comes to light! Coming soon to Infinity Blade II – for free!”

No word on when this update will be arriving but remember to check back with us in the future for more updates.

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