Texting While DrivingLast week we reported that a woman was currently being sued as being responsible in a texting-while-driving car accident involving a motorbike. It does sound pretty straightforward but in case you might have missed our coverage, here’s the kicker – the woman was not the one behind the wheel, but rather she was the one sending the text messages to the person behind the wheel (her boyfriend). According to the victims’ lawyer, she is just as guilty since her messages were apparently written in such a way that it required a response.

This was pretty interesting as it could set the precedent for future cases like this, thus making it a tricky situation and making all of us think twice before sending a text message, lest we find ourselves guilty of the same crime. Well the good news is that the judge did not agree with the victims’ lawyer and has ruled that she cannot be added to a civil lawsuit as she was not “electronically present”. It’s an onteresting term and given the rapid progress of technology and how we’re pretty much connected all the time, we have to agree with Rene Ritchie at iMore that we could be seeing that term pop up more often in the future.

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