walking_texting_dangersTexting and walking is dangerous as we have seen people hurt themselves in the past because of it. In various cities around the world, local governments have tried to come up with creative solutions, or like in the state of Nevada, it was even briefly considered that the act of walking and texting should be made illegal, like driving and texting.

That being said, it seems that over in South Korea the government has decided to make use of a more traditional solution, which is that they will create signboards to warn users of the dangers of texting and walking, as you can see in the image above, although we have to wonder how effective it will be for those who are already walking and texting.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government, “The traffic sign is designed to show pedestrians at a glance a dangerous situation in which a smart phone user runs into a car while walking on the street. In order to enhance the understanding, the phrase ‘Warning: Be careful while using a Smartphone while Walking’ will be added to the sign.”

“In addition, the pedestrian sign has a message that says ‘Walk Safely.’ The message is made simple and clear so that the pedestrians who are mostly looking down at their smart phones can easily see it.” The signs will be placed in areas like Hongdae, City Hall, Yonsei University, Gangnam Station, and Jamsil Station where such accidents are said to happen more frequently.

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