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Florida Might Fully Ban Texting While Driving
Florida is one of the only seven states in the country that doesn’t enforce a full ban on texting while driving. The driver must have committed another infraction before they can be ticketed for distracted driving. A full ban will mean that police will be able to pull over any driver who’s found to be texting while driving even when they aren’t speeding, shifting lanes without a signal, weaving through […]

Texting While Crossing The Street Banned In Honolulu
You might want to remember this if you’re planning on visiting Hawaii soon. A new law has been passed which makes it illegal for people to text while they’re crossing a street in Honolulu. The law allows the police to fine pedestrians up to $35 for this. Honolulu has been debating this move for quite some time now and the law has now been passed, meaning there’s no avoiding the […]

South Korea Creates Safety Signs For Walking And Texting
Texting and walking is dangerous as we have seen people hurt themselves in the past because of it. In various cities around the world, local governments have tried to come up with creative solutions, or like in the state of Nevada, it was even briefly considered that the act of walking and texting should be made illegal, like driving and texting.

AMC Backtracks On Controversial Plan To Allow Texting In Cinemas
A couple of days ago, AMC made a rather controversial statement in which the company mulled the idea of allowing texting in cinemas. While some cinemas do ban it outright, there are others that don’t, presumably relying on people to act appropriately during such situations, but AMC wanted to explicitly allow it.


AMC Wants To Allow Texting In Their Theaters
It is a well-known social faux pas to be talking on your phone or texting when in a cinema. Some of you guys might be wondering what’s wrong with texting if there is no sound? One of the reason is because in a dark cinema environment, the glare of your phone’s screen can be a distraction to your neighbors, even if they are your friends.

Police In New York May Use 'Textalyzer' To Determine If Texting Caused Accident
If the police suspect that alcohol may have contributed to an accident in some way they tend to make the suspect take a breathalyzer, but what do they use if they suspect that texting might be involved? A new proposed New York bill aims to empower police to use a “textalyzer” to find out whether or not the driver was distracted by typing on their phone when the accident took […]

It Might Be Illegal To Text And Walk Soon
Texting and walking never go down well together, but this does not mean that nothing should be done about it. There has been research that texting while moving around can be dangerous, and another study also pointed to the possibility of accidents happening. This has led to text-walking lanes being introduced in Antwerp, Belgium in the middle of last year, while Nevada mulls over the possibility of making it illegal […]

In Sweden When You Save A Life, You Get A Text
Most people donate blood for altruistic reasons which is basically to save a life. By ensuring that blood banks are always stocked with all sorts of blood types, hospitals will be able to save the lives of patients who desperately need a blood transfusion. Now as it turns out while blood donation has risen by 25% in high-income countries, trying to recruit new donors can be difficult.What Sweden has done […]

Text-Walking Lanes Introduced In Antwerp, Belgium
Walking and texting is probably a lot more safe compared to texting while driving, although admittedly it can also be dangerous if you were to walk and bump into others, walk into a manhole, trip and hurt yourself, or worse – walk into oncoming traffic. That being said over in Antwerp, Belgium, a text-walking lane has been created to help with that problem.This isn’t a government initiative, but rather one […]

Long Island Authorities Intend To Discourage Texting And Driving Further
One might think that texting and driving is of no consequence at all, as there is always the good old “standby” of peripheral vision to see us through. However, it goes without saying that this is an extremely dangerous habit, and also one that can be rather difficult to break. In fact, authorities over in Long Island are hoping to have additional enhanced measures that will discourage people from texting […]

Apple Patents Tech That Can Block Users From Texting While Driving
We know that texting while driving is bad and should be avoided at all costs. There are countless reports about the dangers of tapping away on your smartphone behind the wheel that it really shouldn’t be necessary to hammer this point home every time. Unfortunately there are still a lot of drivers out there that put their lives and the lives of others at risk. There are a lot of apps […]

Texting In Sweden Can Help Those Suffering From Cardiac Arrest
According to the numbers, for every minute it takes for first responders to reach a person suffering from cardiac arrest, their odds of survival drop by 10% and this is one of the reasons why Sweden has come up with an interesting and potentially life-saving method of helping those with cardiac arrest as quickly as possible. This is done through the help of volunteers and text messages. For instance when […]

New York Introduces 'Text Stops' Along Major Highways, Thruways
We know how difficult it can be to completely ignore your cell phone while your driving as no matter how often we’re told not to text and drive, people seem to do it regardless of the warnings. A number of states have already passed legislations to help combat those who continue to text and drive, although New York will begin introducing “Text Stops” along its major highways and thruways.

Texting While Driving Gains Popularity After Being Outlawed
You know what they say? If you can’t beat ‘em, then join ‘em. I would suppose that government regulating some of society’s activities, such as gambling, alcohol and prostitution has something to do with keeping tabs and control over the situation. After all, if you were to outlaw something, chances are pretty high things could get ugly on the streets, so why not regulate the entire situation and make some […]