We’ve all seen photos of phones with smashed displays before and we’re pretty sure that you have at one point experienced it before. Well if you’re sick of that heart wrenching feeling when you drop your phone and have its display smashed, it seems that LG is currently working on a flexible OLED display which the company claims is unbreakable. The report (via OLED-info) claims that these flexible OLED displays contain plastic substrates and that they’re designed for use in today’s mobile phones, so if you’re thinking that this technology will result in flexible phones like what LG’s competitor, Samsung, is reported to be working on, you’d be out of luck. Instead these screens have been designed for today’s smartphones to help ensure the next time you drop it, you can worry about something else other than the screen breaking. Supposedly LG’s 3.5-gen production plant is ready to begin production by the end of the year, so it should be around early-mid 2013 when we can start seeing phones being advertised with “unbreakable” displays. I don’t know about you but that’s definitely something worth looking forward to.


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