If you’ve got a kid that plays with your iPhone a lot, chances are that at some point in time (if it hasn’t happened already), they are going to drop it and you are going to feel that gut wrenching feeling of seeing scratches mar the surface of your brand new device. Well if you’re hoping to avoid that feeling, the folks at M-Edge have announced the SuperShell casing for the iPhone. For those who are wondering why this sounds familiar, it’s because the SuperShell casing was originally designed for the iPad in mind, and now thanks to the folks at M-Edge, they took the “SuperShell for iPad and sent it through a magical shrinking machine to create a fun miniature version for the iPhone 4/4S!”


Thanks to the way it has been designed, the edges of the case will provide your iPhone with a nice “bounce” when you drop it on the ground (check out the video above for a cringe-worthy demonstration), although we do not recommend that you try it out for yourselves. It should also be noted that given its design, those in the market for a minimalist or a sleek looking case should probably look somewhere else, but if you think that the SuperShell for the iPhone is case you wouldn’t mind getting your hands on, head on over to M-Edge’s website where you will be able to order one for $29.99.

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