We’re sure that you guys have seen in movies where the characters utilize communication devices that are completely transparent. Well if you’re looking forward to getting your hands on such a device in the future, it seems that NTT DoCoMo has come up with a transparent touchscreen prototype that will be operable from both sides of the screen! So apart from the “cool” factor, why would anyone want such a display? It seems that by allowing multitouch gestures on both the front and the back of the display, it could achieve more accurate and more complex gestures which was seen in a demonstration of a Rubik’s Cube app. However one of the downsides to such a display is that when used outdoors with sunlight, viewing it could prove to be an issue but we’re assuming that it’s something they’re working on. Unfortunately NTT DoCoMo deigned to comment on when such a display would begin shipping on devices, so we guess until then we shouldn’t get our hopes up just yet.

[Image credit – The Verge]

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