Two days ago, NTT DoCoMo, predominant Japanese mobile phone operator, revealed its 19 new mobile devices that will be launching sometime in June. DoCoMo also announced that it will be launching an Android-powered mobile phone for kids. The said kid’s phone goes by the code name HW-01D and it will come in three different colors – blue, pink and yellow. According to the company, the Android-powered phone for kids will sport a 2.0-inch QVGA screen with a 240×320 resolution. It’s web browser is also reported to be customizable, with the option for parents to apply restrictions to some websites.


Moving on, the HW-01D will also have a 100-decibel alarm to ward off people with bad intentions. In case you have no idea how loud that is, we searched for answers and found out that a 100-decibel sound is equivalent to a chainsaw or a jackhammer. Sounds loud enough right? The HW-01D is also made to last, with its material made of sturdy plastic that is dust-proof and waterproof as well. DoCoMo’s interesting HW-01D phone for kids will be joined by 18 other devices next month once it launches in Japan.

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