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Dipongo: Phygital Stories that Foster Children's Creativity
Dipongo is a mobile application available on tablets and smartphones that aims at keeping kids away from all screens to spark their imagination and activate their creativity. The goal statement sounds like a conundrum: using displays to keep children away from them, how is that possible?According to this Raise Smart Kids article published in January 2020, there is little scientific data available from pediatric studies to prove screen time could […]

VTech Announces InnoTab Series Of Children's Tablets
Tablets are typically viewed as gadgets used by teens/adults. After all what do kids need with a tablet, right? However we guess with the way technology is being integrated into our lives now, kids might find tablets more entertaining than conventional toys, so if you’re looking to pick something up for your kid, VTech has announced a handful of tablets that interested parents could check out.Starting with the InnoTab Max, […]

Toymail Is A Fun And Cute Way To Send Voice Messages To Your Kids
Communicating with kids can be quite a daunting task, especially since some can be particularly active and refuse to listen. Sending kids text messages or emails won’t necessarily work either, so how about sending them voice messages that can be delivered in a fun medium that kids might respond to? That’s pretty much the premise of Toymail, a Kickstarter project founded by Gauri Nanda and Audry Hill, the former who […]

Filip Is A Smartwatch For Kids That Helps Parents Keep Tabs
We think it’s safe to say the smartwatch revolution is currently upon us as a number of tech’s biggest consumer electronic companies have either released their own device or plan to in the coming months. But considering all smartwatches have been designed for adults to do adult things such as read important emails or pay their taxes, you don’t see companies design smartwatches for children. That ends today.


Smart Pajamas Use Dots To Read Bedtime Stories On Your iOS, Android Devices
Reading your child a bedtime story is an experience most parents probably enjoy more than their children do as it allows them to be creative in how they deliver the story to their child. Changing your voice to simulate what they believe the character would sound like is one way to be creative, but another, more tech-friendly method would be to put these Smart PJs on your child.The Smart PJs […]

Nabi 2 Kids Tablet Review
Tablets for children is not a new concept, and this is a busier market that one may expect. That said, in most cases, those tablets are extremely limited when it comes to processing power, and therefore application accessibility. It’s fair to say that having a fast tablet enables running more interactive applications, but at the same time, many parents don’t want to give a $499 to young kids who may […]

NTT DoCoMo to launch waterproof security phone for kids
Two days ago, NTT DoCoMo, predominant Japanese mobile phone operator, revealed its 19 new mobile devices that will be launching sometime in June. DoCoMo also announced that it will be launching an Android-powered mobile phone for kids. The said kid’s phone goes by the code name HW-01D and it will come in three different colors – blue, pink and yellow. According to the company, the Android-powered phone for kids will […]

Childcare Experts Warn Parents to Control Their Kids’ Tablet Usage
A group of experts on child welfare were speaking at a panel regarding how parents needed to monitor how often their children are using their tablets. This is a comparatively new field of study since the inception of the tablet two years ago. Even then, Warren Buckleitner, who is the editor of Children’s Technology Review said, you can’t pull it from their hands. Another speaker Rosemarie Truglio from the children’s […]

PBS Kids app uses augmented reality to teach your children math
Kids these days seem to have access to a variety of learning tools that make our educational toys back in the day seem downright boring and prehistoric. PBS Kids has recently launched another educational app for children entitled “Fetch! Lunch Rush”, and the interesting thing about this app is that it utilizes augmented reality to help educate your kids.

"Who is out there" is a kid-friendly peephole
Parents out there are probably worried about letting their children answer the door, especially since it could be anyone, from your friendly neighbor to a criminal. However with the placement of the peephole being way too high up for most kids, combine that with a child’s natural curiosity and you’ve got yourself a potentially dangerous situation.

Griffin unveils Woogie 2 for iPhone/iPod touch
After dropping hundreds of dollars on a brand new iPhone or iPod touch, the last thing you want is your child to get too excited playing Angry Birds and dropping your shiny new device on the floor, right? Either that or if you love plushies, Griffin has unveiled the new edition of the Woogie, the (rather uninspired) Woogie 2!

Vinci tablet for toddlers now up for pre-order
We’re not sure why exactly parents would want to buy a tablet for their toddler, but if you have $389 to spare then perhaps Rullingnet’s Vinci tablet which made its debut in January could be a tablet worth considering for your child.

Takara Tomy introduces their "First Digital Camera" for your toddler
When it comes to giving technology to their kids, we’re thinking that most parents would pause at the thought of handing over a $500 piece of technology, which could very well break in the next minute, to a 5 year old child. While Takara Tomy’s “First Digital Camera” is nowhere near the $500 tablet/smartphone range, it will put into your child’s hands, the technology to snap photos rather intuitively.

55% of parents keep an eye on their kids' online activities
If you’re a minor and you’re thinking of posting up that picture of you with a beer bottle or a cigarette in hand on Facebook for cred points among your peers – you might want to think twice. According to a recent survey of 2,000 internet users in the UK done by BullGuard (an internet security company), 55% of parents “keep an eye” on their children by checking their social […]

Apple will no longer display iAd adverts in children apps
It looks like children won’t have to face annoying ads in their free apps anymore – at least as long as the app developer uses iAds. It’s been reported that Apple has decided to stop providing iAds for children-targeted apps. The reason for this? Advertisers preferred their ads not to appear in those children apps because the ads aren’t targeted at that demographic in the first place.This has caused some […]

Today's children are the "Touch Generation"
Spend some time walking around some cafes or restaurants in the city and you might notice more and more kids these days have access to touchscreen devices be it their own or those belonging to their parents. A couple of decades ago, the same situation would have been completely different. Think back to when you were younger – were you playing with your parents’ beepers or cellphones? I think not. […]

The Mini Seven turns your kid into the envy of the whole school
If you have a kid who is into cars and racing, the Mini Seven from Micro Electric Vehicles will probably make his/her dreams come true. It’s no Ferrari, but it will allow you kid to experience the joys of driving before the legal age. The Mini Seven is hand-built and proportionally accurate to a real car and is powered by a small petrol Honda HP motor. It can hit a […]

ZAZOO Photo Clock teaches young kids about telling time
If your kids are having trouble telling the time and what they should be doing at certain hours of the day (i.e. be in bed by 9pm), ZAZOO’s Photo Clock was built to solve that problem. Designed to help children who don’t know how to read the time yet, this Photo Clock comes with a set of pre-programmed images that show up on the screen depending on the time of day. […]

AmberWatch SafeText keeps you informed of your children’s texts
Protext Mobility has just announced the launch of their new app for Android devices called SafeText. The aim of the app? To enable and empower parents with an “easy to use, robust set of tools and features designed to help and protect and manage their children’s text messaging activities against cyber-bullying and other threats that exist in the digital world.” Basically this app gives parents the ability to monitor whatever […]

LeapFrog brings tablet computing to kids with LeapPad Explorer
It’s no surprise that tablets are rapidly turning from a niche computing device into something that’s owned by everyone, and LeapFrog are embracing this fact by bringing the device to kids. They have just announced the LeapPad Explorer – a multifunctional learning tablet that aids kids in learning, digital reading, and personal creativity. The LeadPad works just like an “adult tablet” except that it comes preloaded with edutainment apps aimed […]