docomo-sensing-shirt-1[CEATEC 2014] We have smart homes, smart glasses, smart cars, smart watches, and wearable technology continues to move forward with the introduction of a smart shirt. While wearable e-textiles with some sort of communication technology built in is not exactly new, it is exciting to see different companies and their respective takes on this particular idea. DoCoMo of Japan has stepped up to the plate with their C3fit IN-pulse smart shirt that is made using “hitoe”. “hitoe” happens to be a kind of nanofiber e-textile which is currently marketed by sportswear manufacturer Goldwin Inc., where it will allow the shirt’s wearer to have his or her heart rate measured before it is visualized on a smartphone display.

This is made possible thanks to the hitoe Transmitter 01 device that is buttoned on to the C3fit IN-pulse smart shirt. While I understand that those who have well sculpted bodies would not mind, but would more than welcome wearing the C3fit IN-pulse smart shirt since it was specially designed to fit snugly in order to deliver precise data monitoring. As for those of us who are just about to start out on our respective fitness regimes after years of neglect and sitting on the couch, wearing such a well fitted shirt might not be a good idea, as the love handles might just spill out.

The DoCoMo spokesperson on the floor mentioned tha the C3fit IN-pulse smart shirt will cost $100, while the hitoe Transmitter 01 device itself too, will cost $100 a pop. It is good for up to a hundred washes (the shirt, mind you), and it is recommended to use a gentle cycle – or even better yet, hand wash it yourself if possible. Thankfully, the hitoe Transmitter 01 device is also water resistant, but don’t go dunking it into a swimming pool, although it can handle being caught out in the rain.

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