We’re sure that you guys have heard of the popular torrent website, the Pirate Bay, but have you heard of the Pirate Pay? Yup that’s the name of a startup company in Russia that is looking to end the act of torrenting as we know it. The company has managed to come up with a system that they claim will be able to track and shut down the distribution of copyrighted material on BitTorrent. According to reports, so far they have managed to stop tens of thousands of downloads in a collaboration with Walt Disney Studios and Sony Pictures.

While they did not divulge the specifics on how their system works, it seems that the general idea is to flood torrent clients with fake information, ultimately disconnecting them from each other. According to the Pirate Pay’s CEO, Andrei Klimenko, “We used a number of servers to make a connection to each and every P2P client that distributed this film. Then Pirate Pay sent specific traffic to confuse these clients about the real IP-addresses of other clients and to make them disconnect from each other.” It seems that their system was good enough to impress Microsoft who invested $100,000 as part of Microsoft’s Seed Financing Fund. More information on Pirate Pay can be found at their website.

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