The Pebble Blue color of the Samsung Galaxy S3 seems to have been delayed, where this delay is attributed to a production error. Of course, this is not official just yet, as the report hails from a Dutch site known as, via Reddit – which claimed that Samsung actually had to do away with 600,000 back covers for the pebble blue Samsung Galaxy S3 due to an unknown production error. Talk about a massive destruction here, and for the superstitious, this might not be a good omen for the Galaxy S3’s start. At this point in time, it seems as though only some markets are affected as UK retailers still have the device in stock. Other areas, however, need to deal with this particular delay that has been touted to last right until June. The white colored Samsung Galaxy S3 remains unaffected of course, so you need not worry about coming up short when it comes to wanting one of these puppies for your own.

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