Granted, when Tom Hanks’ character in Castaway was stuck on an island all those years ago, there was no such thing as an iPhone or a Nintendo DS, which meant he had to find non-electronic means of keeping himself amused to while away the hours. If you were to place Tom Hanks in a similar situation today, how would he have reacted? Surely he would have wished he had the Sony hand-cranked USB charger with him, accompanied by all the relevant charging tips of course, as he will need to keep his iPad, iPhone, netbook, GPS navigation system and Sony PS Vita juiced up from time to time.

Also known as the CP-A2LAS, the Sony hand-cranked USB charger is said to offer around a single minute of talk time after cranking that handle for approximately 3 minutes. I am not sure just what kind of intensity are you supposed to crank it at, but we should be dealing with the law of averages here. Definitely, you will need to do a whole lot of cranking to fully power your smartphone, making me wish it came with an embedded solar panel array as well to ease the strain on your biceps and triceps.

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