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Charging iPhone Allegedly Kills Woman In Bathtub
I am quite sure that we are all full well aware of the dangers of using third party accessories for our tablets and smartphones – and most of the time, it would be chargers that are the culprit here when it comes to bursting into flames. Well, the dangers of third party chargers have been documented before, and this time around, we have yet another possible victim that has fallen […]

London Fire Brigade: Fake iPhone Chargers Run Risk Of Explosions During Calls
It is more or less a well known idea that fake or knockoff iPhone chargers are simply not recommended to be used to power up the exhausted battery on your smartphone, simply for the fact that it could very well end up exploding, running the risk of serious injury or even death. Well, if you have always brushed aside such a notion, perhaps it is time to take things a […]

Mobile Phone Charger Explodes In Bus
Exploding chargers do seem to be a pretty common occurrence these days, where one did send a man flying across a room, while another caused quite a stir when another exploded on a bedside table. This time around, the smartphone charger that exploded on a bus actually resulted in two-foot ball of flames (that Dhalsim would have been proud of) according to eyewitnesses, resulting in the victim, a 14-year old […]

Warning: Non-Approved USB Chargers Could Kill
I am quite sure that we have more or less come across various cases of people being injured and even allegedly electrocuted to death while talking on their charging handsets, either due to a faulty battery that exploded, or the charger used is not an officially recognized accessory. Having said that, one of Australia’s leading consumer watchdogs has teamed up alongside the police to warn folks out there concerning faulty […]


Revocharge Offers Unique Phone Charging Capability
If there is one particular drawback about the number of mobile devices that we bring along with us each day, then it would most probably be chargers. Having five different mobile devices would mean having to carry an equal number of chargers, just in case all of them run out of juice at the same time. Well, here is the Revocharge, which happens to be a smartphone case which will […]

StoreDot Intends To Charge Your Handset In Half A Minute
At the moment, how long does it take to juice up your smartphone? Israel-based startup StoreDot has a pretty good idea on how fast they want you to do so – and I am referring to a mere 30 second charge. This sounds insane, but there is still much more work to be done, as this particular technology will not be made available to the masses for years.

Knock-Off iPhone Charger Explodes, Victim Ends Up With Electrical Burns
Exploding iPhones as well as phone chargers are nothing new, and there has been alleged reports of people getting killed by it along the way. We always maintain that one should make use of authorized and original parts only, chargers included, even though you might save a fair bit of money by purchasing third party or knock-off chargers, as this particular Minnesota resident found out. Tim Tyrrell was shopping for […]

Vibrations From Car Harvested To Charge Devices
There does not seem to have any end to the ingenuity of humans, and being the power hungry race that we are, it is not surprising to hear that the world is in an energy crisis at the moment. Our insatiable appetite for power has led to an imbalance of power and wealth, and cheap as well as eco-friendly and sustainable energy needs to be looked into. For instance, modern […]

The PocketPlug Is An iPhone Case With A Built-In Charger
We’ve seen an iPhone 5 case that has a Lightning cable attached to its back, which would allow you to charge your iPhone 5 nearly anywhere there’s a power outlet, so long as you have your adapter with you. You don’t see many iPhone cases that come with a built-in charger, which is exactly what makes the Prong PocketPlug so unique as it combines an iPhone case with a charger that […]

iPad Charger Explodes, Sends Man Flying ‘Across The Room’
It seems that chargers are growing to be more and more of a fire hazard these days, as the latest incident involves an iPad charger which was said to have exploded the hand of a man, throwing him across the room as he unplugged the device. The man was thankful that it was him who received the electric shock instead of his 8-year old daughter, where he believed that the […]

The Band Smartphone Car Charger
The Band is a unique smartphone car charger that offers no-frills charging.

Vodafone's Power Shorts Uses Kinetic Energy To Charge Your Smartphone
Vodafone debuted its Power Shorts this past weekend, which uses kinetic energy to keep your mobile device charged.

AT&T Rolls Out Solar-Powered Street Charge Stations In NYC
AT&T is rolling out a number of street charge stations in New York City.

Wireless Charging System Juices Up Medical Implants
António Abreu, a PhD Student at the MIT Portugal Program who works at LNEG (Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia I.P.), has been hard at work in developing a wireless charging system that will cater for implantable medical devices. This particular project that he has been sweating over makes plenty of sense. After all, if you were to have some sort of medical implant keeping you alive, it certainly needs […]

ChargeBite Draws Power From Other iPhones To Recharge Yours
Being a smartphone owner these days means you’ll most likely have to keep your device connected to its charger when you’re home, in your car and sometimes, when you visit someone else’s home. Keeping your battery charged at an acceptable level is something we all constantly worry about, but a new device will hopefully have you worrying a little bit less, that is, as long as you have friends around […]

Scosche Lightning Connector Cables Now Available
The launch of the iPhone 5 not only brought an iPhone with a larger screen, but it also introduced the Lightning connector. Since then, Apple’s new Lightning connector has made it to the iPad Mini and fourth generation iPad, which means accessory makers have been scrambling to provide updated accessories to help support the new connector.Scosche is one accessory maker that has yet to provide official Lightning connector compatible cables, […]

Wakawaka Power Compact Solar Charger
When it comes to modern day devices such as smartphones, they do seem to run out of juice more often than we’d like, especially with the amount of features packed into the device. Well, carrying around a smartphone endowed with an extended battery might not be aesthetically pleasing, but at least it gets the job done. How about a portable charger, surely that would work? This is what the Kickstarter […]

Why Is Apple Including an iPhone Charger With The iPad Mini?
Apple traditionally includes a different charger with the iPhone than the iPad. Until Apple recently released a 12-watt adapter, the iPad received a grounded 10-watt adapter, whereas the iPhone and iTouch got a 5-watt affair in the iconic cubic shape. However, the early reports indicated iPad Mini seems to be shipping with a normal, 5-watt adaptor, as opposed to the 10 or 12-watt adapters that charge the iPad much faster. 

POP: a portable charger that charges up to 10 iPhones
In today’s smartphone world, most of us can’t go beyond a full day without having to charge our devices at least once. This makes our chargers one of the most important accessories to have. Well, what if you have multiple devices that don’t share the same charging cable? You usually end up with a whole mess of chargers sticking out from ports all over your office/house. Well, POP aka POrtable […]

Sony hand-cranked USB charger
Granted, when Tom Hanks’ character in Castaway was stuck on an island all those years ago, there was no such thing as an iPhone or a Nintendo DS, which meant he had to find non-electronic means of keeping himself amused to while away the hours. If you were to place Tom Hanks in a similar situation today, how would he have reacted? Surely he would have wished he had the […]