thule macbook pro ipad case

The argument that seems to be never ending is whether or not the tablet has really made the laptop moot. Of course there are people on either side that think differently and there will even be people that think both are necessary. If you are one of the latter and you own a 13-inch MacBook Pro along with an iPad, this new rugged case by Thule could be just what you’re looking for. If you have been looking for a rugged case to protect your tablet and laptop, this clamshell designed case called the “13-inch MacBook Pro + iPad Attache” will even allow you to use your MacBook Pro while it snuggles cozily inside it.

Thule has been known to offer good protection given its experience in cargo carriers as well as automobile bike racks. The main selling points that the manufacturer highlights are the horizontal elastic band which keeps everything within the case in place, all-weather usage; but as a reminder it is only water-resistant and not water proof, and it includes a wider base that will allow users to store bigger power adapters. Last but not least, it allegedly provides the excellent protection for your iPad inside it with compressible foam padding and a nylex lining. While the design might not be for everyone, if you’re one of those that are interested in the product that is being sold for what sounds like a reasonable $79.99, do head over to Thule’s website here to check it out.

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