tessco-regen[CES 2015] Owning a smartphone is something that just about every one of us already have – and taking good care of it would be something worth looking into. After all, having a screen that is all scratched up is no fun at all. Having said that, Ventev Mobile has just introduced a new self-healing iPhone case – which is pretty interesting, since the recently announced LG G Flex2 too, comes with an exterior that lays claim to this self-healing capability. Having said that, self-healing here does not mean it can assemble itself back should it be smashed to smithereens – but rather, being able to handle all sorts of minor scratches that it encounters through regular wear and tear. Known as the Regen case, it will be priced at $24.99 a pop.

You can choose the Regen case to have it arrive in two different sizes, where it would cater for the iPhone 6 in addition to the larger sized iPhone 6 Plus. The case itself would be flexible and is highly durable, while sporting a regenerating scratch-healing micro technology which is capable of getting rid of light scratches in a matter of hours. This unique healing factor is not new, but as time passes by, you can be sure that it will grow to become more and more commonplace. Who knows? It might very well be a future feature in smartphones that will be the standard for all to follow in due time.

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