Toyota has introduced a new navigational system in Japan that uses a Nintendo DS as its remote control. Basically it works with Toyota’s new Smart Navi system, using a DS cartridge that can connect to the system via Bluetooth. Dubbed as Kuruma de DS, the system allows passengers to use the Nintendo DS to input destinations, view maps and even sightseeing info. Passengers can also save places on the Nintendo DS as well. This was recently shown off at a press conference in Tokyo and is expected to launch on June 1st in Japan.

Passengers can also check on the vehicle’s speed, take quizzes and even pipe the DS’s sound through the speakers of the car. The Kuruma de DS tool will also include Nintendo’s trademark presentation complete with Miis characters. But while others might find the tool impractical and complex, it’s still a good car amusement for some – especially for Nintendo fanatics. As a side note, the whole thing doesn’t come in cheap. Toyota’s Smart Navi costs ¥206,850 (US$2,586) and the Kuruma de DS must be purchased separately for ¥7,329 ($92). This is assuming, of course, that you have an actual Nintendo DS of your own.

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