What is said to be Sony’s first forage into the Ultrabook world, the Vaio T13 might be shipping with Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor. The information was spotted on the manufacturer’s German website. If the information is to be believed, it seems that Sony has had a change of heart from its decision to pack the Vaio T13 with a Sandy Bridge processor. After the announcement for the ultrabook just last week, it was revealed that the T13 would ship with last-gen Core i3-2367M processor but reports have indicated that an i5-3317U that is on Samsung Series 9 devices might be in the works.

That said however, the information on Sony’s German site could be indicating either a change of heart with regards to the processor on the ultrabook, a whole different device that would be using the Ivy Bridge processor from Intel or it could even just be an accident. For now, a quick check let us know that the post on Sony’s website has been taken down but we will keep you updated with any developments in this area.

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